Returns and Cancellations Policy


Natural Stone is just that, natural.  Some materials vary more from piece to piece than other materials.  For instance, a crate of Black Absolute 12×12 polished granite may have little or no variation from piece to piece, especially within the piece.  A crate of Chinese Multicolor slate, on the other hand, may not have 2 pieces that look alike.  In fact, each piece may have remarkably different color make up.  We do our best to pick the most aesthetic pieces possible as applied to your order.  However, what we think is beautiful, you may think is not.  That is why we give you the option to send us material of your own choosing.  By doing this, you will know what your material looks like prior to manufacture and you will have a much better idea of what you will be getting.  We have a no return policy for dislikes in coloration or minor occlusions which may appear once etched.  If you are concerned about the coloration or makeup of your material, you are more than welcome to send us material from your selection.  In fact, we would prefer that you send it.

Even though natural stone is natural, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be quality.  We do everything we can to inspect your order before it ships.  If you receive a piece that is broken, or didn’t etch correctly, or was the wrong size or material, we will gladly replace it at our expense.  Once you receive an order, inspect it.  Once our product is installed, it is yours forever and no claims will be received for installed materials.  We don’t like returns and this policy insures that you will be satisfied with our product.


Because we want to get your order to you as quickly as possible, our process begins immediately after the product is ordered. Because of this, we cannot allow an order cancellation.