Address Plaques

These designs are shown in Black and White.  The material face is the Black and the etched area is the White.  Address plaques are available in different sizes, depending on the design.  They are considered a custom design and cannot be ordered directly on-line.  All designs may be produced on natural stones (marble, granite, slate, travertine, limestone), as well as porcelain, ceramic, and glass.  You would need to choose material from our "Materials" page (12x12s only) or provide us with material of your choosing (12x12s or larger).  Then, you would need to choose a font shown on our "Customs" page or request an unlisted font of your choice (depending on availability).  Then you would choose whether or not you want the etched areas to be painted.  You are welcome to choose one of our paint colors shown on our "Customs" page.  Our plaques are made to be inserted and do not have holes or hardware for installation.  That is something you will need to consider as installation is your responsibility.  To order or inquire, please submit a request on our Contact Us page and we will contact you via email and assist you through the process.

Oak & Acorn Address Plaque

Our custom Oak & Acorn Address Plaque is available in the 12×12 size on any of our materials or materials that you provide. This design can be enlarged for larger pieces.  If you would like it in a larger tile format, you would need to supply us the material.  We have a number of different fonts available (the current picture shows “Georgia” font) and the plaques may also be painted in a number of different colors.  Painting availability depends on the material being used.  If you would like to order a custom address plaque, please contact us at and we will provide you with a drawing and a quote.

Contact us for price quotesContact us for price quotes

    To see our materials up close and how they look when etched, please visit our MATERIALS page. For sizes, pricing, and availability of our unetched Select Material field tiles, please Contact Us.  Customers are welcome to send us materials of their choosing.  The materials that we accept include marble, granite, slate, limestone, porcelain, ceramic, and glass. By supplying your own material, you can match your material lots and know exactly what your material will look like.