General Questions

1. What is your Sample Program?

Do not rely on printed photos for product selection. Actual samples are the most reliable benchmark for selections. Please submit an inquiry to our Contact Us page for more information on samples, availability, and prices.

2. Are corner designs available for StoneArt’s Listellos? What is the cost?

Corners are available for most StoneArt Listellos. Please submit an inquiry to our Contact Us page for more information on sizes, availability, and prices.

3. Can I have a square deco formatted on a diagonal?

Many StoneArt designs are easily formatted from horizontal to diagonal, however, there are some designs that will not work on the diagonal. Please contact a StoneArt representative for confirmation.

Stone Questions

1. May I supply the Stone, Porcelain or Glass for engraving of my order?

Yes, you may provide materials of your own selection to StoneArt for processing.

2. Will the depth of the cut always be the same?

The engraving process is done by hand and due to differences in density from one stone to the next, the depth of the cut may vary.

3. Will the stone look exactly like the product photos or samples?

The finished product will match the dimensions and design as illustrated or sampled but will be subject to the variation in natural stone that makes each piece uniquely attractive. When precise shading is critical to your project, please send materials of your own selection for processing.

4. Should the Stone be Sealed?

Properly sealed natural stone will resist stains and be more easily maintained. Consult a local supplier of sealers for the appropriate materials and always test a small area first for the desired result.

5. Why do some of the marble tiles have what appear to be little cracks in the etched area?

Marble is frequently characterized by small naturally occurring fissures that will not necessarily compromise the structural integrity of the piece. The engraving may also expose small voids, particularly in natural materials.

6. What is the exact size of the 4×4, 6×6, etc…My contractor needs to lay out the installation?

Sizes are nominal. (ie. 4×4 = 3 13/16″ X 3 13/16″) Call for exact dimensions.

7. Can StoneArt’s staining processes be applied to my provided material?

For quality assurance, Old Masters, Santa Fe Stone, Tuscan Gallery and Pompeii Stone are produced only on StoneArt travertine.


1. Can you make custom designs & sizes?

Custom designs and sizes are available. Creating new designs, custom fitting fireplace surrounds, arched doorways & other tailored decorations are services provided by StoneArt. Consult with our staff to explore the possibilities.

2. Is there a charge to alter an existing design?

A fee based upon the time required to produce the alteration will apply.

Production & Shipping

1. What is the usual production time for an order?

Most orders will be produced in 7 to 10 working days from date of order confirmation to date of ship. Availability of materials and quantities involved may affect production time.

2. Is there a minimum quantity per order?

StoneArt will give the same close attention to your order of a single piece as to an order of a thousand.

3. How are orders shipped?

Most orders ship via U.P.S. Large orders are shipped via FedEx Freight.

4. If my order is urgent, can it be RUSHED?

Yes, please refer to our TERMS OF SALE for Rush Orders.

5. If I’m sending material to StoneArt for processing, what is the best way?

Small quantities should be shipped via UPS, FedEx or parcel post. Larger quantities may require palletizing for shipment via motor freight.
Shipments must be prepaid. (Stoneart will not accept C.O.D. shipments)
SHIPPING ADDRESS: 3251 FM 1980 – Marble Falls, Tx 78654

6. The tile I’m sending is fragile. How can I avoid damage during shipment?

Careful packaging is essential. As a rule of thumb, plan on having your package survive a drop from waist level at some point during transit.

a. Do not over pack the container. Too much weight may rupture the container.

b. Always put foam or bubble wrap between each tile and then tape multiple tiles together.
(Do not put loose tiles in the carton. Loose tiles almost always arrive damaged.)

c. Place the carton containing your tightly wrapped tiles within a second larger carton firmly padded on all sides with several inches of foam packing peanuts. Seal all seams with reinforced tape. StoneArt has successfully shipped fragile materials for many years and will be pleased to share our experience with you. If you have questions in regards to packaging, please call.