StoneArt’s uniqueness comes from our ability to create custom designs for our customers.  In fact, many of our current designs were once custom designs.  From the simple to the unique, StoneArt’s customizing abilities allow our customers to fully express their tastes and visions.  Perhaps, you like one of our murals but you have a unique space to fill. StoneArt can redesign current designs to fit your needs.  Maybe you have a wallpaper pattern or a mysterious tile that you found that you liked but we don’t have a design that matches.  We can create designs to match your wants.  We can create designs for entire walls or floors. We also have the ability to create arches and circles.  Simply put, we like to create.  Please contact us and let us know if you have questions regarding custom designs and how we can help you fill your space with our beautiful StoneArt.


Elegant Vinyard 4″


Custom Ventian Surround


Eyebrow Arch 1

Ventana Eyebrow Arch


Toulouse Arch


fish custom tile



Bordeaux Mural


Custom Segmented Compass



Custom Shower and Bath Arches