StoneArt is a product of Antiquestone, Inc. Antiquestone, Inc. was originally a manufacturer of concrete floor tiles.  But seeing an industry need for more decorative natural stone options, we began etching natural stone tiles with decorative designs in the late 1990’s.

Even though we started out small, about 12 linear listello designs in total, StoneArt has grown to include hundreds of designs, including numerous design series, listellos and decos , medallions, murals, and address plaques.  Our decorative tiles have been used on floors, on walls, as fireplace surrounds, as stair risers, inside and outside.

Most all of our designs can be produced in a number of different sizes and all of our designs can be produced on most any natural stone, porcelain, ceramic, or glass.

What does that mean for you, the StoneArt customer? When you throw in our ability to create custom designs as well, it means our customers have a virtually limitless array of design choices, limited only by the imagination.

Even though we carry a number of popular natural stones to choose from, the sheer number of different materials (including marbles, granites, slates, limestones, Travertines, porcelains, ceramics, and glass) available from region to region, from showroom to showroom, is incredible. That is why so many of our customers send us materials of their choosing.

Lastly, we aim to impress our StoneArt customers by creating a quality American made product in an efficient and timely manner. Lead times are usually about 2 weeks and returns are nonexistent.  We thank you for your consideration and we look forward to serving you in the future.